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Our Mission


Our vibrant world is diverse with individuals from wide ranging backgrounds and intellectual abilities.   


It is strengthened by diverse people that work together in which a sense of community is developed.  While this has been true for thousands of years, people often become blind to one's abilities if any sort of disability is presented. In North Carolina, over two million adults with disabilities face employment challenges, with 79% unemployed in 2022. The labor market tends to create barriers based on productivity, communication or some “other” metric.

Arin’s Good Girl Dog Treats are part of a new paradigm - one that includes people with IDD (intellectual and developmental disabilities) in the community that we call “the workforce”. Our team has successfully fostered abilities of adults with IDD towards an independent future by successfully creating a workplace that fits the individual.

  • We nurture passion discovery, confidence, critical thinking skills and critical feedback;

  • We provide individual coaching tailored to the needs of our employees

  • We use Universal Design principles to adapt skills to a task

  • We mentor employees in entrepreneurship, marketing, culinary skills, packaging, and customer service


Investing in everyone's abilities is the foundation to community change.

AGGDT is creating career development and work access to not only showcase their talents but provide lifelong skills, economic stability, fortify the labor market and uplift the entire community.
Witnessing the daily success of differently-abled individuals fuels our passion. Our environment provides full accessibility and reaffirms our dedication to creating a work environment where each person, regardless of their abilities, can not only participate but thrive.

2024 SEED20 SIZZLE REEL: Arin's Good Girl Dog Treats

By investing in the community, we have reduced the society burden of long-term unemployment and underemployment of people with IDD. We generate sales tax revenue and foster community acceptance and move towards a more inclusive world. And we do it all while creating high end dog treats that dogs (and their guardians) have come to love. 

Love your dog like family and sign up for a monthly subscription box of treats that is an investment towards a more inclusive world.

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