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Chapter 33


It seems like in today’s world, we have a subscription for everything. According to a recent article in Forbes magazine, as of 2023, 99 percent of American households subscribe to at least one streaming service. The average household subscribes to four services, with many having more than that. I have five, though to be fair, I have to have three of them to stream games for my job as a sports writer. I wish that many people would subscribe to the newspaper I work for, but that’s another story.

Summer is a busy time for everyone. Between work, vacations and other activities, Summer can be the most stressful time of year. I know it is for me. There are actually more games to cover in the Summer than any other time of year. For example, during the last week of June, between Little League baseball and softball, American Legion baseball and softball and our local wooden bat baseball team, the Forest City Owls, I covered 13 games in an eight-day stretch. Things have slowed down a bit, but when I squeeze in handcycle training and going to the Charlotte FC matches, every day is full.

Gabe has a Summer job also. He alerts us to snakes and other dangerous animals that might come on the farm. On July 2nd, he alerted us with his “Snake Bark” that is reserved for snakes and the occasional lizard. Gabe does not like reptiles. Gabe was sounding the alarm from inside the duck pen. After a quick search, we found a black snake curled up under Corona’s (my duck’s) Kiddie Pool. Evidently, he was looking to make Corona his next meal.

As soon as  Gabe saw the snake, he grabbed it, shook it and after a few tosses in the air, the snake was dead. We don’t normally kill black snakes on the farm because they help control rodents and other pests, but Gabe made that decision for us.

With our (my and Gabe’s) busy schedule, I am thankful that Arin’s Good Girl Dog Treats offers subscription boxes. It takes a lot of pressure off of me remembering to order Gabe’s favorite treats every month. He  certainly eats more treats during the Summer than any other time of the year. That’s because I am gone working so much, that every time I leave to cover a game and then come back, I give him a treat or two. If I am home, he does not get as many treats, because we are off on our adventures, spending time together. Gabe gets pets, hugs and plays with his toys instead.

If you also find yourself wrapped up in the busyness of Summer, an Arin’s Good Girl Dog Treat subscription is a great time-saver and an easy way to get treats for your furry best friend. There are two different options and even though they are not correct grammatically, the Good-er Girl and Good-est Girl boxes are both a great value The Good-er Girl subscription box contains two bags of treats plus a seasonal item, while the Good-est girl box has three bags and a seasonal treat. Each box is customizable, meaning you can choose which flavors come every month. Gabe’s favorites are the Cheese & Bacon and the Pumpkin Peanut Butter treats. His mouth starts to water and he gets so excited from just seeing the box they come in.

We humans like our special treats during the Summer as well, whether it be a particular flavor of ice cream or a fresh cobbler. Like Gabe, our mouths start to water in anticipation of the tastiness that is soon to follow. So do yourself and your dog a favor. Give them the gift of an Arin’s Good Girl Dog Treats Subscription Box. It’s a great value, it supports a great cause and you no longer have to worry about running out of healthy, tasty treats during the Summer or any season of the year.

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