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Chapter 26


The Holidays hit you fast and they hit you hard. It is pretty slow from August through the end of October, but on October 31st, the chaos commences. Halloween starts the whirlwind that carries you right along through Thanksgiving and the December Holidays like Christmas. There is no time to catch your breath.

While I don’t do much to celebrate Halloween, aside from having a Scooby-Doo Marathon and listening to Monster Mash on repeat, I do enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas. By the time November comes every year, football and basketball seasons overlap, so it seems like I am in the stands or in the gym covering a game every night of the week. I am blessed and thankful that I get paid to do something I love.

In addition, the weather turns colder which cranks Gabe’s energy meter up to 11. I had thought Gabe had started to calm down a little bit. He no longer dug up flowers, chewed on shoes, or tried to steal food. Since the cooler weather started, however, Gabe has regressed and done all those things in the same week. Life with a Chessie is never boring.

The Holidays are also a time for family, particularly extended family. I have six nieces and nephews, all aged 11 and under and Gabe loves when they come to visit. I am and will always be Gabe’s “person” but when the kids come, he ignores me and puts his full attention on them.  Their youthful energy matches  Gabe’s and they run and play on the farm for hours. When they leave, Gabe remembers me and is once again my dog. If you have kids and plenty of room to roam, the Chessie would be a great choice if you are looking for a new puppy.

Come to think of it, the hectic Holidays are a lot like owning a Chessie. It’s a whirlwind moving you from one chaotic adventure to another but in the midst of the chaos you make some of the best memories. I am a gift giver meaning that I think it is blessed to give and receive. I get just as big a thrill from giving the perfect gift as I do from getting the perfect gift. The best memories are seeing the look on someone’s face when they open a gift you know they will love.

If you are looking for a gift to give the dog lover in your life this Holiday Season, look no further than Arin’s Good Girl Dog Treats. For Thanksgiving, the Limited Time Cheese And Bacon Fall Treats (In the shape of Maple Leaves) are perfect to satisfy your pooch’s cravings when they see you chowing down on your turkey. Then as the calendar flips to December, you can get the festive ornament filled with treats to hang on your tree. When I gave some to Gabe last year, I did not have to wait to be under the mistletoe for him to give me kisses.

Gabe was the perfect Christmas gift for me as he came to our farm just two weeks before Christmas two years ago. I truly believe that God helped guide the decision-making process as I chose Gabe instead of one of his six litter mates. He knew that Gabe was exactly the dog I needed and since I was the one who bought Gabe with the money I had saved over two years, I was able to give and receive the perfect gift simultaneously. I am not ashamed to admit that I shed a few tears of joy when we brought Gabe home on that December day two years ago. Even when I think about it today, I get a little emotional. It reminds me of the truly Perfect Gift that was given and that’s plenty of reason to celebrate.

Happy Holidays Everybody!!!
From: Jacob & Gabe

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